Why SoftBackup?

SoftBackup is a locally owned and operated company, where we pride ourselves in our personal attention and customer satisfaction. We understand your backup and disaster recovery needs and partner with you to ensure that your needs are met, whatever your backup needs are, from a few GigaBytes, to multiple TeraBytes.

SoftBackup operates two fully featured data-redundant Tier II data center facilities in the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, duplicating your data securely across the two locations such that if we experience a catastrophic failure of our own, your data is still safe and available. Yes, even your backups have backups.

All communication and even storage of your data is fully encrypted using military-grade encryption schemes that only your unique encryption keys can access after successful authentication to our severs. Further still, each customer has their own abstracted Virtual Private Server within our facilities in which your data is stored to ensure that different customers' and customers' data access cannot cross or gain access through any means.

Although each backup performed from your server or computer to our backup servers is considered a full backup, SoftBackup employs specialized software with advanced algorithms to compare the directories on your computer with the directories on our servers and transfer only the data that has changed since your last backup. SoftBackup also provides a comprehensive web interface which not only provides management for your backups but also usage graphs and statistics, allowing you to be fully aware and in full control of your backups and disaster recovery solution.